Apply For Obama’s Daca & Dapa W/o Risk

By Geetha_CML

Obama’s Immigration Reform cannot be stopped because because according to this article, Republicans met in a Pennsylvania resort yesterday to try to figure out how to tackle the president’s bold move and nothing came of it. The right-wingers are scrambling because they have no legitimate way to undo this reform. But even with one of the most unproductive congresses in history, we can still be thankful that checks and balances still work. In order for the republicans to even get a bill passed in the Senate there would need to be a vote of 60, which they do not have. To do this the republicans would need a few democrats to join their ranks regarding immigration and this seems highly unlikely since even some republicans refuse to support these actions. It’s just too absurdly inhumane. So, immigrants need not fear at all. The republican’s only viable response to Obama’s immigration reform is a symbolic vote in the senate. John Thune-R of South Dakota says of this symbolic senate vote, “(we want to) give our members an opportunity to vote to express their opposition to the president’s action, but we also realize at the end of the day that in the Senate it’s going to take 60 votes,”

It is a good sign for immigrants when the only strategies that remain to stop the president are symbolic political agenda items. As republicans continue to pander to their largely anti-immigrant base the bill is set to die by end of February anyways when a functional funding bill will be needed to prevent the shut down of the Department of Homeland Security. Even if the highly unlikely support was found to support this current bill, it would never make it past Obama’s veto. In fact, Obama is positioned to pick up his veto pen much more often these last two years of his presidency because historically he has used his veto power less than any president since James Garfield the 1880’s.

The current bill that the GOPers are voting on uses a strategy that will defund the Department of Homeland Security in order to gut Obama’s reform. This has already been declared by leading republicans as bing totally of the table anyways but if by chance this improbably defunding of DHS were to happen, its effectiveness is still inconsequential since both DACA and DAPA programs are self funded by the application fees of that are paid by the undocumented immigrants signing up for it.



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