Barbaric Immigration Practices

By Geetha_CML

Sadly we are not better than this. We should be. This article gives a great example of how immigration in the U.S. can be short sighted and cruel. Solutions are not difficult as long as we are reminded about the tragedies that happen every day at immigration detention centers. Immigrant families flee their home countries for countless reasons. Many of them do not fall into our narrow, ‘valid’ reasons for asylum protection. This article tells about mothers who are forced on the fast-track deportation process with their children. The inevitable choice that these mothers have to make is to either separate from their children in hopes that they find a better life going through the US system, or to return with their children back to their country and gamble that they can avoid whatever distress they were fleeing from in the first place. More often than not, they return alone. In this day in age lady liberty’s world message to ‘Give me your tired your poor*’ is too often iterated with a complicated asterisk that denies entrance to our grand society because of political agendas that create bad regulations which pointlessly ruin lives.




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