Executive Order To Legalize Undocumented.

By Geetha_CML

Politico reports that Senator Rubio argues that if the Congress does not act on Comprehensive Immigration Reform for immigrants to be made legal, it will cede the initiative to President Obama, who has every reason to use an executive order to legalize undocumented. President’s decision to use an executive order to grant deferred action to the DREAMers was a smashing political success, and legalization by executive order will build on that precedent. Republicans who are stalling CIR in the House will lose out on all the provisions they enthusiastically support, such as border security advances and E-Verify, and will have to live with only the thing they abhor most. Such executive action will give the entire political credit for solving the country’s immigration problem to the Democrats, and Republicans will have to live with the political fallout of having permanently alienated a large growing demographic, and thereby saying adios to the Whitehouse for generations. Republicans in the House need to pass CIR in the interest of their own self-preservation.




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