o1 Visa Guarantee For artists

O1 Visa Guarantee For Artists

In 24 years we have won countless O-1b visa petitions with a 100% success rate. As a result, we are well versed in the criteria and evidence required to win the classification.  We have had many clients who had complicated and difficult to win O-1 who were previously denied, but were granted after we filed on their behalf.  This was because we addressed the issues and criteria thoroughly and in detail as required.   Leveraging our 24 years and 100% success rate we can now offer a money back guarantee. Leveraging our 24 years and 100% success rate we can now offer a money back guarantee. Here is how it works:

  • At your consultation we review your evidence and career

  • We take your case if we feel we can win

  • If your O-visa is denied, we refund our labor fees (please note that there are government filing fees and other costs which we do not refund if your petition is denied).

  • If your case is denied, you will be offered the option of appealing the decision.  In that case we will only refund your fees in the event the O-1 appeal is also denied. A separate fee will be charged to file the appeal as well.

What proof do I need to obtain an artist visa?

Over the years, our firm has assisted thousands of artists – both established stars and up-and-coming musicians – achieve their dream of touring in the United States. Often, these tours ignite already prestigious careers and help them flourish even further. To obtain an artist-related visa, you must prove that you are “extraordinary” or “internationally recognized” with a high-level of achievement or popularity. Collecting the appropriate evidence to support your petition is vital for success. This type of evidence includes, but is not limited to: prizes, honors, awards, and nominations; membership in outstanding organizations like ASCAP, BMI, or the Songwriters Guild of America; news, magazine, and internet articles about the artist; promotional materials from concerts and events; discographies, original compositions, and record album documents; photographs; screenshots from music videos or concerts; contracts, record deals, royalty agreements, and ticket sales; and any other evidence that demonstrates the artist is successful and popular.

Evidence List
  • Discography

  • Links to videos of interviews, shows, performances, editorials etc.

  • Album or art sales

  • Potential concert schedule

  • Past concert schedule and tours

  • Any awards you may have won

Peer Advisory Opinion:

In addition to the visa forms and supporting evidence, this type of petition also requires a mandatory “peer group” consultation or evaluation from a respected organization like the American Federation of Musicians to confirm that the artist does, in fact, meet the criteria for an O or P visa. Our office works directly with the organization to prove eligibility, often based on the supporting evidence of the artist’s renowned career. This letter normally takes about 24-48 hours to obtain.


The itinerary, or proposed concert schedule, is a vital part of the visa petition. It dictates how long your visa will be granted by USCIS. While a P-1 visa can only be obtained for one year, an O-1 visa can be obtained for up to three years. To obtain a full three-year visa, however, an artist must provide a full three-year itinerary, which can include concert dates, studio and album work, promotional opportunities, and any other work-related events in which the artist may participate. It is, of course, very difficult to plan far into the future and our office will help you with this. Presenting a detailed and proper itinerary will avoid unnecessary scrutiny from USCIS and ensure that the visa is approved for the full duration requested.

Do crew members and support musicians qualify for the Artist Visa guarantee?

Yes, support musicians, stage technicians, managers, dancers, background vocalists, and touring crew are all eligible to receive O-2 or P-2 visas, which enables them to tour the United States with the lead artist. To obtain these visas, it is important to demonstrate that the support individuals are essential and integral to the lead artist and live music tour. This is often proven through the length of time the support crew has worked with the lead artist, an explanation about essentiality in the petitioner’s letter, photographs of the support crew performing with the lead artist, and other evidence about the support artist’s career and experience.

Can legal issues prevent me from getting my musicians’ visas?

At times, a past criminal or immigration issue can negatively affect a visa petition; however, these obstacles can be overcome with the assistance of an experienced immigration attorney. Depending upon what type of criminal or immigration problem it is and how long ago it happened, our office can present your case in a manner which gives it the absolute best chance for approval.

What is the Price?

Below, please find a breakdown of the costs associated with music-related visas. While legal/attorney fees are determined on a case-by-case basis, there are required filing fees that must be paid in full before the petition can be mailed to USCIS. These fees include:

  • Attorney Labor Fees: Determined on an individual basis. Please call for a consultation.

  • USCIS Filing Fee for Form I-129 (visa petition): $325.00

  • Peer Group Consultation: Between $150 – $450.00

  • Federal Express Fee: $50 to $100

What if I need my visa very quickly because of an upcoming concert?

Yes your Risk Free Artist Visa – Concert Tour will still be risk free. Normally, these visas take about 4-8 weeks for approval. But if this is a time-sensitive matter with pending concert dates in the near future, there is an option to obtain a decision on your visa petition very quickly. By using premium processing, which requires an additional filing fee of $1,225.00, USCIS will guarantee that your visa is approved within 15 days.

How does the guarantee work?

Email us as many items as possible from the Evidence List below regarding your career as a musician, artist, dancer, etc. If we feel we can win your case, and you hire us to represent you, we guarantee that your I-129 visa petition will be approved or your money back.* If we don’t believe your petition will be approved at this time, we will give you free guidance about steps to take to improve your case for a future filing. If you would like us to review your O visa case send us an email, call or schedule a free consultation at our office. Since artist visa inquiries are free, when using the online scheduler, simply skip the final step when prompted to pay. We still receive the appointment and will contact you immediately. *The money back guarantee applies to our Attorney Labor Fees only (see below). USCIS or other fees due are not included in the refund guarantee.



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