Here is an interesting article about how in essence, deportation has no appreciable effect on crime. Deporting even those immigrants convicted of serious crimes has had no effect. Further, it points out that the majority of deportations involved those with no criminal convictions of any kind. Estimates are that hundreds of thousands of US citizen children have become orphans as a result of their parent’s deportation in the last 10 years. Indeed one in four people deported is the parent of a U.S. citizen. That adds up to tens of thousands of U.S. citizen children losing one (and often both) of their parents to deportation each year. The article supports many immigrant advocates’ push to provide additional means for those facing removal to obtain relief and ultimately remain with their family. There can be little argument that considering the negligible impact millions of removals has had on safety, more weight should be given to the long term impact they are having on the mental health and overall ability to thrive of the children of those immigrants. Deportation has no appreciable effect on crime.

Neal Richardson Datta

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