As individuals live in our country with visas and other legal documents, they may wish to eventually become a citizen. This may require them to be in the country residing here for a period of time. However, becoming a citizen is not impossible. Individuals who are not legal citizens of the United States may be able to adjust their status. Some people may wish for this opportunity for their whole lives. When the opportunity comes, they will want to take this chance. This process can be quite grueling due to the amount of steps involved. However, it can be worthwhile in the end. To adjust your status, you will have to file a petition for the adjustment of your status. Steps to adjust your status can be numerous. They can include biometrics, a medical examination and a formal interview. This process can be long.

What’s involved in the biometrics process?

Biometrics includes multiple processes that are used to identify individuals and their history. There needs to be a criminal background check based on your identity. Immigrant applicants will participate in this process. During a biometrics appointment, individuals will need to get fingerprinted and photographed. This is all to prove their identity and check their background. If applicants are from developing countries and do not have the proper documentation to prove their identity, their DNA may be taken to make up for this lack of documentation. If the applicant is married to a U.S. citizen, they may have to validate their marriage through proof of documentation. This can provide further identification.

Other aspects of the process include a medical exam and an interview. The medical exam is in place to ensure that you are not carrying communicable diseases. During this exam, there will be a review of your immunization records and any physical or mental disorders stated in your medical history. The interview process is something that an immigration attorney can prepare you for. They can help you prepare by providing you with examples of questions that may be asked during the interview portion of this process.

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