NYC Immigration Lawyer explains Obama’s 2015 Immigration Reform application process, evidence list, application date, and the changes in who is now eligible. Specifically the changes in the DACA program which is also known as the Deferred Action for Early Childhood Arrivals program. NYC lawyer explains the changes in the requirements for undocumented individuals who can apply for protection under this program. Obama has made it possible for millions more to apply for this deportation protection by removing the age limit for early childhood arrivals from the previous 31 year age maximum. Obama has also moved the previous ‘U.S. entrance date’ for childhood arrivals from 2007 to 2010. This new group of qualifying undocumented people can stop deportation proceedings by applying for this deferred action and now receive ‘work authorization’ and a social security card. With these new benefits undocumented people can work openly and go to university and begin a real path to possible citizenship. This immigration lawyer also explains what evidence list you will need to apply, when to apply, and what to be cautious about when applying. Apply for DACA deportation relief if you have criminal history only after you have spoken with a lawyer. Also applicants must have a GED, high school diploma or are enrolled in a program to obtain a GED or high school diploma. Applicants must be ready to apply when applications will be accepted by USCIS on February 20, 2015. Stay up to date by subscribing and call the NYC immigration law office with any question you may have at 646-845-9583 or visit the website at

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