Marriage & Family Petitions

What Does A Family Immigration Lawyer Do To Win Your Case?

Not all lawyers are the same. In our case, the firm handles all aspects of each persons applications, including the preparation and proper submission of all applications and evidence. After the applications are submitted we maintain close contact with our client to update them as to progress in their case. Most importantly, we provide extensive client preparation and guidance throughout the process. Finally, an attorney accompanies you to all of your interviews and sits at your side throughout. Key to your success is an assertive and vigorous representation at all of your immigration service interviews or appearances.

What is the family immigration process like?

Each family petition varies. For example, for those individuals who entered the U.S. without inspection have a different immigration path than those who entered the U.S. with a visa. Also important is the family member petitioning for you. If a person is being sponsored by a U.S. citizen spouse, their case will be different that one married to a lawful permanent resident. All cases have multiple steps and involve a series of forms each of which requires certain evidence. The process is not simple and is time consuming. Using the services of an experienced immigration attorney who understands the many requirements and deadlines involved in this complicated process is critical. A timely well-prepared case often makes the difference between your family member being granted lawful residence or not.

Criminal Matters

Will My Criminal History Hurt My Chances In An Immigration Case?

It may. If you have ever been arrested or charged with any crime or even been given a ticket, you need to have your case reviewed by an experienced immigration attorney. We have helped thousands of people with their immigration cases and many, many of them have had criminal histories and records. What we have seen, is that the people who have any sort of immigration or criminal violations, have a greater need of a quality lawyer to win. If you do have a criminal history and are seeking immigration help, please call or visit for a consultation before you file anything with immigration.


Realistically, not all marriages last forever. Divorce can be an ugly and difficult process, or it can be handled in a civil, amicable, and rapid manner. Our ideal approach to handling divorces in New York is to first seek agreement amongst the parties and then file for divorce; however, if the parties cannot resolve their matrimonial issues whether child custody, child support, or the fair division of their assets, we will litigate to the full extent of the law. Our firm strives to handle divorce cases quickly and fairly so both parties can move on with their lives accordingly.

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