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Removal/Deportation Defense

Unfortunately, many individuals face removal and deportation from the United States. Immigrants are being jailed and detained for extensive periods while their removal cases remain pending, and often fail to avail themselves of legal options from which they may benefit. Many individuals have strong cases against removal charges and detention, but are improperly represented, or fail to properly present all of the favorable evidence in their cases. In 2012, more that 400,000 individuals were removed from the United States. Many of these people had resided in the United States for decades, have spouses and children, own successful businesses, or were the sole means of support for their families. Each removal case often involves a family tragedy in the making and we take it very seriously to prevent that tragedy from ever happening. Children lose parents, parents lose children, and families are changed forever. Procedures in U.S. immigration courts – at the Executive Office for Immigration Review, Board of Immigration Appeals, and U.S. Circuit Courts – are complex and involve high risk. Careful and extensive legal analysis of often complex and technical issues is required in all cases. Our firm prides itself on vigorous legal representation of all individuals facing removal. We guarantee the highest level of legal representation using the firm’s extensive immigration law experience and commitment to winning.

Family Immigration

Bringing a family member to the United States involves a multi-step process, each of which requires specific forms and evidence. Timely submission of the correct evidence can make a critical difference between your relative being granted lawful residence or denied. Importantly, it also cuts down on the processing time and duration it will take until your relative can reside here lawfully. Our firm has represented thousands of families around the world and fought complex cases against family separation, including many with past immigration violations, fraud allegations, and criminal histories. The firm handles all aspects of each case, including preparation and proper submission of all applications and evidence, extensive client preparation and guidance throughout the process, and assertive and vigorous representation at all of your immigration service interviews or appearances. Having handled thousands of family immigration cases in U.S. Consulates and at USCIS offices worldwide, we have encountered a wide variety of immigration matters requiring careful legal analysis, research, and persistence. The firm has deep knowledge of the inner workings of the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services procedures, Executive Office of Immigration Review, and Department of Homeland Security. We have represented people of all races, ethnicities, nationalities, and sexual orientation.

Artist and Entertainer Visas: The O-1 Visa

The O-1 visa is for “aliens of extraordinary ability in the arts, sciences or business.” An initial O-visa can be issued for up to three years in duration, and can be renewed an unlimited number of times for periods up to one year. Our firm has assisted a wide variety of artists and entertainers obtain O-1 visas, both well-established celebrities and emerging new-comers to their field. Some of the artists we have represented include Shaggy, Chronixx, Konshens, Christopher Martin, members of Toots and The Maytals, The Wailers, Jimmy Cliff, Fanton Mojah, Future Fambo, Tessanne Chin, Tennille Amor, Zenya Bashford, as well as many high-profile artists, photographers, athletes, and entertainers. Whether you are a Broadway actor, a ballet dancer, director, editor, musician, or fine artist, you may be qualified to obtain an O-1 visa. Each case must be properly reviewed, sufficiently supported, and highly developed to give our clients the best chance for approval. As O-1 visa immigration attorneys, we assist our clients in the arts, sciences and business advance their careers, and guide them through the entire immigration process.


Realistically, not all marriages last forever. Divorce can be an ugly and difficult process, or it can be handled in a civil, amicable, and rapid manner. Our ideal approach to handling divorces in New York is to first seek agreement amongst the parties and then file for divorce; however, if the parties cannot resolve their matrimonial issues whether child custody, child support, or the fair division of their assets, we will litigate to the full extent of the law. Our firm strives to handle divorce cases quickly and fairly so both parties can move on with their lives accordingly.

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