Neal Datta interviewed on Arise TV regarding the Deferred Action program.

This is an interview of Neal Datta on Arise TV where he discusses the Deferred Action for Early Childhood arrivals program and the order that was entered enjoining its expansion.

Marriage Interview: Prevent Fraudulent Marriage Suspicion

This video tutorial will walk you through some of the questions that can be expected during a marriage visa interview. Many times the most honest and real married couples can get accused of having a fraudulent marriage during their immigration interview because couples do not know the small details of their relationship. Here Neal gives you and your spouse some important advice about how to have a successful marriage interview. See the video and full script here.

Obama Must Act | The Real Republican Immigration Agenda

Here Neal discusses the inhumane immigration agenda of the Republicans as stated by the conservative organization called the Heritage Foundation. They seek to deport more people, strip the president of executive power and militarize the borders. Here is the video and full script here.

Immigration Interview: Secret Criminal History

When applying for Green Card status and you are preparing for your interview and you have been arrested, ticketed, convicted or have any criminal history at all here is what to do.
Hi my name is Neal Datta and I’m an immigration attorney here in New York City. Today ….full script here.

Obama’s Immigration Reform Update

Here Neal gives an update about President Obama’s immigration reform. In order to allow millions of more people in the US qualify for the early childhood arrivals program, Barack Obama is using his executive power to change the date of arrival for the early childhood arrivals. Also making millions of people eligible for this program the president is raising the age to 31. Click on the image to see the full video.

Provisional Waiver Tutorial

Learn about the steps that you need to take to prevent your deportation with a provisional waiver. Before the provisional waiver program individuals who came to this country without inspection or without a visa would be barred from reentering the US for ten years, but with a provisional waiver this 10 year period can be avoided.

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